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Sponsoring Refugees

Are you interested in sponsoring a refugee family or individual? You can help those who are fleeing war or prosecution in their home countries. Sponsors commit to welcoming, caring, housing, and settling the sponsored refugees for a 12-month period or until the refugee becomes self-sufficient, whichever comes first.

There are several ways for Canadians to sponsor a refugee family or individual. See details on Government of Canada, Immigration and Citizenship website on 'Sponsor a Refugee' page. More details available in the Government's publication on 'Guide to Private Sponsorship'. Fact sheet supplied by IRCC details the Responsibilities of the Sponsorship Groups and available IRCC-funded Resettlement and Settlement Services.


Sponsorship Workshops:


Legal Resources:

  • Some lawyers are offering pro bono legal advice relating to sponsorship. Contact the Refugee Hub in Ottawa for a referral.