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In London and Middlesex County, we are proud of our top universities and colleges, excellent vocational training and free public school system.  You will find some of the best educational experiences in the world right here.  London has two public school boards, one secular and one Catholic, as well as several private elementary and secondary schools.

For education at the post-secondary level, London is home to Western University, a large research-intensive university with an excellent reputation world-wide.  It has over 35,000 students including over 2,000 international students.  Fanshawe College, well known for its cooperative or work-placement programs, has 17,000 students including 1,400 international students.  We are home to a satellite campus of the French-language Collège Boréal, as well as several private colleges.

Planning Tool

This simple tool will guide you to studying or living in London and Middlesex County.  After answering some questions, the tool will provide a custom list of tasks and a timeline for your use. Click On the Move to start the tool.


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