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International Students - General Information

Reach your education goals in London, Canada

Why choose to study in London, Canada?

  1. London is a leading centre for high quality educational services. More information on reaching your educational goals
  2. London has a strong concentration of advanced research institutes, large corporations and emerging new enterprises, making it an ideal place to explore, develop and launch your career. More information on advanced and applied research
  3. London is safe, friendly and liveable Canadian city located in the heart of North America. More information on the London Community


Planning Tool

Checklist IconThis simple tool will guide you to studying or living in London and Middlesex County.  After answering some questions, the tool will provide a custom list of tasks and a timeline for your use. Click On the Move to start the tool.


Studying in Canada

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has created a new resource Study, work and stay in Canada which includes the full pathway for international students as outlined below:

Before you Study

  • Match your interests with schools and programs in Canada that deliver exciting academic, social and cultural experiences. You can apply for a study permit as soon as you’ve been accepted to a Canadian college, university or other designated learning institution.

While you Study

  • You may also want to see what the Canadian workplace has to offer. Most international students are allowed to work on and off-campus jobs, have internships and do co-op placements. You and your spouse or partner can gain valuable experience in the Canadian workforce.  

After you Graduate

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to apply all of your Canadian educational credentials and work experience to pursuing a career and building a life in Canada (post-graduate work permit)?
  • The time you spend in Canada as a student or temporary worker counts towards eventually applying to become a Canadian citizen.

Online Resources for Learning Institutions and International Students

IRCC is proud to provide tools to help international students transition from studying, to working, and ultimately qualifying for Canadian citizenship.

  • Find quick and direct answers to your questions about studying in Canada
  • Find a university or college on the designated learning institutions list
  • Download promotional materials


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